Women's Ministry

This is a forum that brings the women of the fellowship together to interact and care for each other and serve the body of Christ as best as they can
1. It shall promote and coordinate within the fellowship such programmes as may be appropriate to Women in the congregation to make the most efficient use of its manpower potential.
2. Is to create opportunity for every woman who is part of the church to reach her potential in God; to release her gifting and fulfil her destiny.
To help the Women in the church and the community to grow in the knowledge and love of God as we know him in Jesus Christ, and in devotion to Christ and his way of life.
• To increase their knowledge, interest, and loyalty to the church and its vision.
• To develop an exemplary, consecrated and effective leadership in the church.
• To encourage, care for and give practical assistance to those who are in need.
• To participate actively in the church’s efforts of members involvement in its events and activities.
• To develop programmes, projects and activities that will both interest the Women in the church and a reassured sense of belonging.
To serve the purpose of the church – reaching and caring for those who do not know Jesus Christ in our community and society. We are part of the wider group of the Elim Women Ministry – Aspire.  To find out more click here Aspire4God

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