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Fountain of Hope Church is led by Pastors Wilfred and Daphline Achumba together with a team of leaders and workers. Wilfred is an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ under the Foursquare Gospel Church of Nigeria before being called to the United Kingdom. He has over 30 years of service in ministry. During these times he has planted churches, discipled, and raised leaders. His call into ministry was dramatic with a direct encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ shortly after he gave his life to Christ in February 1974. But he did not answer the call till 8 years later. He has an Apostolic calling and desire to see every believer developed, productive, and achieve their God-given destinies. Wilfred’s desire is to see the church return in repentance to God and the elders take their position at the City gates. He has a passion to see God restored on the 7 mountains of societal influence, i.e Education, Religion, Government, Media, Business, Arts and Entertainment, and Family.

The Church MUST take its position on these mountains, pulling down satanic alters and raising God’s alter” – Pastor W. Achumba. The Assisting Minister, Daphline, in addition to walking alongside Wilfred and with the rest of the team, has a passion for intercession and to see every believer living and walking in the full stature of the image of the New Man in Christ and being fulfilled in their walk with God. Daphline has a heart for worship and intimacy with God with great passion and love to expound the Word. She has a responsibility for the Worship Team. The family is blessed with 4 children.

Other Leaders

Prophetess Regina Sarr
Regina is in the Office of a Prophet. She heads the Prayer Ministry of the Church and also co-ordinates the Oldham House of Prayer.

 Minister Rebecca Mubiru, (Head, Children Ministry)
Becky has the passion to see the kids transformed by the Word of God. She has a strong passion for the Children’s Ministry. She is married to Robert and they have two children.

Minister Lillian Musiitwa (Finance Officer)
Lillian has a servant heart for the work of the Kingdom and wants to see believers dedicated to service. She is a member of the Leadership Team and is married to Charles
Minister Olivia Nankya. (Event Co-ordinator)
Olivia is also an anointed worship leader. She is married with 3 children.

Minister S. Akokhia,
Sulaiman is a member of the Leadership
Team.  He is a member of the Pastoral Team. He is married with 4 children.

Minister Robert Mubiru (Youth Ministry).
Robert as well as leading the youths has a desire to reach out with the Word of God wherever he meets people. He is married to Becky and they are blessed with Two Children.
Sis. Pat. Seymour (Head – Care Ministry)
Pat. has a passion for the needy and loves to share the love of Christ practically. She is an acts435 advocate. She desires deep intimacy with God.

Elder D. Banda (Operations)
Doreen is passionately responsible for supplies and the upkeep of the interiors church building. She is a mother and grandmother