What is The Alpha Course:                          
The Alpha Course consists of a series talks addressing key issues relating to life and the Christian faith that runs over Ten (10) weeks. It is a no pressure interactive event.

We are currently running it on a Saturday Morning from 11.30 am and it runs as follows:
A meal together at the beginning of each session.
A short talk after the meal explaining a particular aspect of the Christian faith.
A small group discussion follows where you can ask any related question, listen and learn.

Who is Alpha for?
Those wanting to investigate Christianity. New Christians. Newcomers to the church. Those who want to brush up on the basics.

What Is The Cost?
It is free! However donation are welcomed towards the costs, but you are under no obligation to do so.

For more details on how to get on the course
please call the Church Office on 0161 624 1237 or email us on alpha@elim4sq.org.uk

Do you have Unanswered Questions about the meaning of Life? Then the Alpha Course is a way to get answers

Call us NOW on 0161 624 1237 to register for the next batch.