How to Give
In Fountain of Hope we see giving asGift Aid part of our christian service and we encourage all to give willingly and cheerfully their tithe and offerings.
We thank those who regularly give their offerings and tithes to support the work of the Church here in Oldham and beyond.
The tithe is a tenth of your income. Those who tithe, give one tenth of their income to God believing that the tithe is holy and it belongs to God. (Ecclesiastes 5:10, 1 Tim 6:10, Deut 8:18, 1 Chroncicles 29:14, Mark 12:17). You can either give weekly or monthly depending on how you are paid.
We encourage all tax payers to “Gift Aid all their givings. In that effect members are issued an a Gift Aid number which they must place on their offering envelopes. By this the resources of the church is increased.
If you are a visitor please ask for a Gift Aid Form so we can claim from your giving.


You can give NOW on this site through a secured online giving by Paypal or using your Debit or Credit Card. To do so now click  here
This will take you to the payment page where you can choose how much you would like to donate.

Sunday Offering

We take offerings during our  Sunday services.  Our stewards will pass around our offering bags. Do not forget to use your envelop so that details can be recorded for gift aid purposes. Ask the stewards for an envelop please.


Offerings and Donations can also be made by cheque. Please make payable to Elim Pentecostal Church Oldham Please ensure that you have completed a gift aid form so we can claim back gift on your tithe or offering.

Mobile Phones


For details of how to give to Fountain of Hope text ‘I want to donate’ 64647. Paythru will reply with a link to a secure website. Follow on screen instructions to give via credit/debit card. This can be stored for future giving. There is a minimum donation of £2 and a receipt is sent to the phone. To ensure that your payment gets to Elim Foursquare Church you must enter our church code: CO002.

Standing Order

Standing Order

You can also make donations by setting up a standing order to make a regular payment to the church, Care or Building Fund. For our Accounts details please contact our Finance Officer on 0161 624 1237 or

Elim Relief Appeal

Earthquakes, famines, floods and war can be completely devastating to communities in developing nations. Elim Missions is committed to providing immediate and long term support to people that find themselves in need during emergency situations. Immediate relief includes shelter, medical care, food and water. As well as the immediate we work with local churches, missionaries and partners to provide long term aid that meets the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community.
You can either donate to this course through the church or directly to the fund. To give direct click Elim Relief Appeal

If you would like to discuss your donations, tithes, gifts, or offerings, Please speak to our Finance Officer
 Mrs Lillian Musiitwa on 0161 624 1237. Or you can email her on