Study 1 –   Introduction to Ministry
The Call
Finding Your Ministry Calling
Developing Your Gifting & Embracing The Call
The Godhead In ministry
What About Mentoring & Spiritual Parents

Study 2 –   The Priesthood of Every Believer
Building The Spiritual Hub
The Believer’s Authority
Apostles, Prophets & presbyteries

Study 3 –  Connecting With God
Learning To hear The Voice of God
Hosting His Presence
Soaking In His Presence

Study 4 – Spiritual Warfare
Intercession & The Intercessor
Dealing With Evil Foundations
The Spirit of Jezebel & the Church
The Gates & The Gatekeepers
The 7 Mountains Of Societal Influence

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Study 5 – The Prophetic Ministry
The Purpose
The Prophet & prophecy
Receiving & Ministering In The Gift
Prophetic Etiquette
Practicing prophecy
False Prophets

Study 6 – Walking & Working In The Miraculous
Faith For The Miraculous
Healing Ministry
Deliverance Ministry
Maintaining Your Healing

Study 7 – Ministry & Family Life
Kingdom family Lifestyle
Marriage & Home In Ministry
Rekindling The Love Flame In Marriage

Study 8 –  The Effective Disciple
The Call To disciple
Raising Disciples
Generational Ministry
Finishing Well